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Lippie Pots

Lippie Pots


Harlotte Lippie Pots are pint-sized slimline lipstick pots designed exclusively by Harlotte. They are available in the same twelve signature shades as the lipsticks, and ensure a healthy glow of colour and shine. Lippie Pots fit easily in pockets, bras, skinny jeans or neatly in the Harlotte Garter for emergency touch-ups.

The pint-sized compact also includes a mirror.

Available in 5 nude pinks and 4 nude browns, including:

Nude Pinks
Pure: a nude soft shell-pink
Bride’s Nighty: a nude pink with a touch of lilac
Exposed: a nude dusky pink
Birthday Suit: a medium nude pink
Peek-a-boo: a nude bubblegum pink
Nude Browns
Skinny Dip: a golden-sand nude
Topless: a nude honey-caramel
Commando: a nude caramel toffee
Undress: a nude creamy coffee


Lippie Pots


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